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Life Coaching & DEI Training

for People of Privilege


It's time to go beyond good intentions...

To take responsibility for the positive impact we can create...

In our own life and in the world.

People of Privilege are individuals who acknowledge that they benefit from unearned advantages that provide them with unique resources and opportunities.

I believe that an unearned resource or opportunity doesn't have to be an undeserved one.

My role as a Life Coach is to support people who want to achieve a purposeful life by creating responsible positive change.

My role as a DEI Trainer is to bring together different perspectives and provide a framework of understanding that will lead to more responsible impact.

I will hold space by accepting you as you are and meeting you where you are at. 

I will challenge you to build deeper awareness around your patterns, to create clarity in your unique journey.

For it is at our best, that we can give our best... 


Let's change the narrative together, by making your own story the most powerful one it can be. 

- Jimmy

With Great Power... Comes Great Responsibility.   -Benjamin Parker           

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