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Americano 150 is a photo documentary project by Jimmy Ung, who travelled over 30 000 KM by motorcycle from his hometown of Montreal, Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world.

The photography project gathers the life stories of 150 ordinary people who live in 18 countries across the American continent. It invites us to take an intimately local perspective to understanding the context and life experiences of other human beings who all share a common side of the Earth.

Each participant were handed Jimmy's camera and invited to take a photograph of something in their surroundings that was meaningful to them, and to share a story about what they chose to photograph. The result is a collection of 150 unique perspectives and testimonies from the people who made Jimmy's journey one of discovery, humility and friendship.

Through this initiative, Jimmy hopes to build bridges between people, communities and countries in order to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

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