Population: 43 Million | Capital: Buenos Aires | Area: 2.7 Million km² | GDP/Capita: $20k | Independence: 1816

Facundo | Mendoza | Argentina "I met Facundo thanks to the music he was playing. It drew my attention and I wanted for him to finish before approaching him."

Facundo's photo: "She is my girlfriend, a person I love very much. She's very special and I've spent some of the happiest moments of my life with her. We're originally from Buenos Aires and are traveling together through the continent, hoping to get to Peru. I play music and she sells crafts. We arrived here in Mendoza about a week ago."

Gladys's photo: “This picture captures the mosaiquismo artwork we have been working on as an art collective. In this case, it represents a Cosechador transporting wine grapes in the Bodegas of Mendoza. To me, it’s important that we, local artists, work on beautifying Mendoza in order to leave a heritage for our children. And for everyone to see the beautiful things we have done here to promote and share our culture.”

Gladys | Mendoza | Argentina "I met Gladys while taking a stroll down the pedestrian street. She and her friends were working on beautifying the city they loved."

Paula | San Carlos de Bariloche | Argentina

Paula's photo: "This is a Yerba Mate Gourd. I chose to share this object because everyone here in Argentina drinks mate. It's something I particularly like to share with friends. I drink it everyday during breakfast and in the evening as well when relaxing after work. I didn't like it as a child, but developed a taste for it later in high school. Some people like to add sugar, but I prefer mine with nothing."

Marco's photo: "The banner represents us. A union of about 1000 truckers. The redoblante (snare drum) instrument you see is something that you typically hear during protests like this. It's a national day of strike Today for those working in the transportation sector and we feel support across the country. Workers are claiming and end to salary increase caps because the cost of living is continually going up, particularly here in Tierra del Fuego."

Marco | Ushuaia | Argentina "I met Marcos when I stopped at a workers protest to learn about the issues they were standing out for. They offered me warm soup that they were cooking for everyone."

Rosana | Ushuaia | Argentina "I met Rosana by visiting the Tierra del Fuego Cultural Ministry in order to get advice on cultural events in the area."

Rosana's photo: "This book and painting were written and painted by youths from here in Tierra del Fuego. They are important to me since they represent a part of our land, embodied through artistic lines of expressions that contain different aspects of our community."

Elisa's photo: "It's a beautiful place. In the summer, all the buildings you see would be filled with people. What I like most here is the sound of the sea when the waves hit the shore. Sometimes, the waves can reach up to 9 meters high."

Elisa | Las Grutas | Argentina "I met Elisa while walking alongside the the coastal city of Las Grutas."

Virginia | Buenos Aires | Argentina "I met Virginia at Milo Lockett's gallery in Palermo and we ended up meeting again over coffee at Bar Británico, where the original scene from the Motorcycle Diaries movie was filmed."

Virginia's photo: "This is a photograph of my Grandma who has passed away now. I admire her because she took a plane for the first time when she was 90, though she said she was never going to fly. Wanting to visit me gave her the strength to come here all the way from Italy. For me, it represents that it's never to late to do something."

Manolo's photo: "In June 1955, my father was a Grenadier posted at the entrance of this building, the Casa Rosada (Government House) and was wounded by two bullets in the leg during the violent coup attempt that saw the Navy and Air Force drop bombs in this square in an attempt to overthrow then president Juan Perón. Many people were killed, but luckily, my father survived until this day."

Manolo | Buenos Aires | Argentina "I met Manolo at the MACBA Museum during the vernissage of a Dutch exhibition. We went on to became good friends and attended many other art events in some of Buenos Aires's best venues."

Margarita | Buenos Aires | Argentina "I met Margarita during my first weeks in Buenos Aires. She lived down the street from me and ran an neighbourhood Art Space called Caffarena 86. She became a close friend and I would stop by for matte and a good talk about life."

Margarita's photo: “I chose this image in my backyard for many reasons. The stones came from the streets of the neighbourhood, which I salvaged so that they stay close to their original place. The tiles were part of the house and the cut padlocks represent my two daughters and the freedom that I’ve tried to instill in them.”

Valentin's photo: “I chose to photograph the bicycle because it’s my mode of transportation to get to University. It gives me freedom and independence around the city as I don’t have to rely on the buses. It also gives me energy for the day and is good for the health. One of my dreams is to one day do a long trip on my bicycle.”

Valentin | Buenos Aires | Argentina "I met Valentin through one of his classmates that had attended by photo exhibit in Buenos Aires. We were put in touch as they wanted to interview me about my motorcycle journey. I ended up interview him too."


Aldo | Buenos Aires | Argentina "I met Aldo in Villa 31 towards the end of my stay in Buenos Aires. Many people had told to me about this neighbourhood as being a stout example of inequality as it is separated from one of the wealthiest areas by a railroad."

Aldo's photo: “We are renovating our house to make it bigger. I want to add a second floor so that my family can be more comfortable. This will be the living room, and we will have bedrooms upstairs so that my children can have their own rooms. We have been working on this project for two years and we hope to be done in one more year.”