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Jimmy Ung is an Educator, Intercultural Consultant and Personal Development Coach.

He believes in education as a lifelong journey to be explored through both formal and informal ways. 

He enjoys helping people find purpose and meaning by meeting them where they are, and supporting them through guided reflections, supportive dialogue and personal accountability.

His work centers around supporting individuals and organisations who seek to deepen their understanding of the systems that operate within and around them, psychological and social. Jimmy believes that aligning our personal story with collective narratives is a key process in order to develop the ability to navigate effectively through modern life's complexities.

As an Educator, he supports students and colleagues at Collège Reine-Marie in Montréal; as a spiritual guidance and community involvement counsellor, and as a social studies teacher.

As an Intercultural Consultant, he offers training and facilitation around themes of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, with a specific expertise on Intercultural Education.

As a Personal Development Coach, he supports individuals in nurturing their curiosity about themselves and the world, by providing creative and innovative frameworks to explore themes such as consciousness, self-awareness, identity, purpose and sense-making in a complex world.

Jimmy has travelled to 36 countries and worked for a broad range of organisations and clients across diverse industries such as software development, non-for-profit, education and government.


He holds a degree in Industrial Relations from the Université de Montréal and is certified as an Integral Developmental Coach with Integral Coaching Canada.