Dinorah | Porto Alegre | Brazil "I originally met Dinorah in Buenos Aires, at a Swiss Art Residency in the neighbourhood of La Boca". We stayed in touch and she ended up showing me her favourite place in her hometown of Porto Alegre once I made by way up there. She was involved with the organization of the first World Social Forum back in 2001."

Dinorah's Photo: “The Mario Quintana House of Culture is an enchanting world. It feels like home to me because it is full of poetry. You can discover Quintana’s spirit here, in the heart of my home city of Porto Alegre.”

Nahomie's photo: "This picture clearly shows the social inequalities of Brazil. On the right side, you have tall buildings and on the other, a favela. It's important to see this contrast because it shows that there is a lot of work left to do. Sometimes, when we are in a comfort zone, we can forget that others are struggling to meet their basic needs. That's why I'm studying journalism, to help raise awareness."

Nahomie | Florianopolis | Brazil "I met Nahomie through a girl I met at a panel discussion on the rights of migrants. She is originally from Haiti and was studying in Florianopolis thanks to a special student exchange program."

Claudio | Florianopolis | Brazil "I met Claudio at a dinner party and he drove me to the southern tip of Florianopolis island in order to show me his favourite restaurant."

Claudio's photo: "Arantes Bar represents the union between the past and the modern. It's a place that has been able to maintain its simplicity and remain true to its humble beginnings amid all the technology and machines in the city. It seizes everything, the here and now."

Hiroshi's photo: “I was born in Brazil but moved to Japan when I was 20. When I came back to Sao Paolo, I wanted to open my own restaurant and found this place. The owner let me rent the place for free at first. One day, I had a dream of this recipe with chicken and today, half of my sales are from this plate.”

Hiroshi | Sao Paulo | Brazil "I met Hiroshi while looking for a place to have lunch in the Japanese town. He is a passionate dreamer that is proud of his recipes."

Antonio | Sao Paulo | Brazil "I met Antonio in Ibirapuera Parc while he was patrolling the area with his colleague."

Antonio's photo: ““The Museum of Modern Art is pretty important because the exhibits inspire a lot of people and there are artists not only from Brazil but other parts of the world, so it’s a way to learn about the world. The tree sculpture is pretty cool, the top and bottom move independently from each other following the direction of the wind.”

Julia's photo: “Here is one of my favourite places in São Paulo. It’s an overpass that's closed on Sundays when it opens up for people to walk and cycle around with their friends or their dogs. I love how it demonstrates that big cities need spaces for people to meet and connect. To me, the seedling painted in the back represents the possibility of a greener and more collective future.”

Julia | Sao Paulo | Brazil "I met Julia through a mutual friend in Montreal that met her in France. She was the first and only Brazilian person whom I was able to speak French with."

Caio | Rio de Janeiro | Brazil "I met Caio while strolling around Campo Parc in the heart of Rio de Janeiro."

Caio's photo: "At that Clock Tower is the train station named Central do Brasil, like the title of one of my favorite movies. I think it represents a place where many workers commute through every day to go to their jobs, in order to bring the bread home to feed their family.”

Edmilson's photo: " When I was around 8 or 9 years old, my friend and me used to climb up to the top of that mountain and we would throw paper airplanes. It’s a nice memory.”

Edmilson | Rio de Janeiro | Brazil "I met Edmilson in Vidigal, a neighborhood and favela that has been pacified by the Pacifying Police Unit since 2011."

Viviane | Rio de Janeiro | Brazil "I met Viviane only a few hours before taking my flight back to Canada. I was drawn to her because of her longboard and it turned out she was planning to move to.. Montreal! I look forward to going longboarding with her in my hometown."

Viviane's photo: “I started longboarding about a year ago. I never had a skateboard in my childhood so I figured it was now or never. I also like to do stand-up paddling and rollerblading, particularly around here in Copacabana. It’s great for those activities and the beach is always beautiful. Nature is so present in this city where you can find very urban buildings and abundant trees mixed in together.”


Population: 206 Million | Capital: Brasilia | Area: 8.5 Million km² | GDP/Capita: $15k | Independence: 1822