Population: 35 Million | Capital: Ottawa | Area: 9,984,670 km² | GDP/Capita: $46k | Independence: 1867


Moe | Montreal | Canada "I met with Moe Clark, an incredibly talented multidisciplinary Métis artist whose spoke word poetry I first came across in Edmonton, Alberta at a Global Youth Assembly I attended back in 2009."

Moe's photo: “Seeing our own bodies as they are mirrored in the bodies of trees, expanding upwards into the infinite possibility. As I engage in my own awareness and practice, this giving and receiving with trees, also helps to root me deeper. Yes, we are interrelated and they are guardians, keepers of sky and earth. And, if you turn your head upside down, their tops become roots that ground us to the sky.”

Gabriel's photo: “I’m always drawn to Place Riopelle. I love how it audaciously honours Jean-Paul Riopelle, a Montréal artist who often highlighted nature and the Indigenous in a playful way. I also like how his sculptures here are surrounded by 88 trees from 11 species, a true urban forest.”

Gabriel | Montreal | Canada "I first met Gabriel when he was a Sauvé Scholar in Montréal. We have kept in touched through our volunteering with Oxfam-Québec and other projects. He is a true leader in the community."

Cathy | Montreal | Canada "Many friends had talked to me about Cathy before I eventually met her a few years ago. We have

Cathy's photo: “I’ve been keeping this feather around my desk at work. It is a symbol for me of the Indigenous roots of Montréal. I think it’s important to recognize and remember that this city was built over unceded Mohawk territory.”

Raquel's photo: “Contemplating the winter sunlight as it brings life to the city’s architecture. On this single street, the perspective spans over several generations, each with their own unique stories. These buildings create a sort of dialogue that is brought into harmony by the human scale of the neighbourhood.”

Raquel | Montreal | Canada

Léa | Montreal | Canada

Léa's photo: "This tote bag was a gift from a dear friend in Chile. It has bicycles on it which represents me well. When I first moved to Montréal, it was by hopping on a bike that I fell under its charm. The form of movement that cycling brings really allows you to appreciate the diversity, contrasts and nuances of the city."

Eddy's photo: "I really enjoy how the taller trees that line these streets bind together to form majestic archways above the ground. Trees meet this way all over Montreal and you can tell how old a neighbourhood is by observing the height and proximity of the tree crowns with each other. Around here in Villeray, many trees are beginning to meet."

Eddy | Montreal | Canada

Maia | Montreal | Canada

Maia's photo: "Nature and the Urban come together here at the 'Champ des possibles'. This park is special to me because it's a lot like the ones I grew up with in Sofia (Bulgaria). The park is surrounded by these big soviet looking buildings, a landscape I've been familiar with since childhood. Sumac grows here natively too."

Richard's photo: "I've had this poster in my office for about 10 years. It represents the idea that being who you are and building a better world are not contradictions. It's not what you do, it's how you do it! I brought it over from England after visiting colleagues at Oxfam GB and had it laminated here. I think the idea is universal."

Richard | Montreal | Canada