Population: 18 Million | Capital: Santiago | Area: 756 Thousand km² | GDP/Capita: $25k | Independence: 1818


Jimmy | Antofagasta | Chile

Jimmy's photo: "This boat is a warship that belongs to the Chilean Navy. Its homeport is in Valparaiso, but it sails up here to Antofagasta every year in order to celebrate Navy Day (Día de las Glorias Navales) which commemorates the Battle of Iquique."

Daniela's photo: "The Plaza Colon holds a lot good memories for me because I like to hang out here with my friends. I included the fountain in my photo because that is where we always like to sit and the clock tower because the style of it is antique. We always end up here with my friends no matter what we do before."

Daniela | Antofagasta | Chile

Enzo | Valparaíso | Chile

Enzo's photo: “This view is important to me because from this window in my house, I can look into the neighbourhood and appreciate the community we live in.”

Jocelyn's photo: “She’s a recent friend, but I feel happy when I see her. I like the composition of the colours in this picture. It is humble and represents happiness with her beautiful smile. The weaving of the scarf represents this Plaza as it is a meeting point.”

Jocelyn | Valparaíso | Chile

Renata's photo: “I like the Plaza de la Libertad de Prensa because of its historical significance and because the architecture has been well preserved. It’s a very tranquil place even though it’s in the middle of the city. You only have to walk a few blocks to reach one of the busiest streets of Santiago. The fountain is a synonym of tranquility to me because the sound of the water is relaxing, especially with the acoustics of this plaza, which really enhances it."

Vicente's photo: "This campus houses the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, as well as Philosophy. So we have always been more to the left. This thematic mural is important to me because it commemorates our fallen students, like the Vergara Toledo brothers, who were assassinated during the period of the military regime. We need to honour and remember them and demonstrate that they keep living through our struggles Today as we keep fighting for our social rights."

Vicente | Santiago | Chile

Margarita | Santiago | Chile

Margarita's photo: "I like this mural because you know exactly what it's about. It represents all the different working classes that make up our country and who throughout time, had to protest in order to claim their rights and in order to be heard. They often suffered for this and many even died for their struggle to have better wages and working conditions."

Carlos's photo: “This is the farm I worked on during 4 years when I was younger. I worked with the animals and learned how to earn money there. It brings me good memories when I see it, particularly when the animals are roaming in the fields.”

Carlos | Cerro Sombrero | Chile