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Jimmy Ung

Integral Coach

I'm Jimmy, a people first and nature loving human who believes in the capacity of each individual to achieve their innate potential.

After a rich and diverse career that has led me to work in University Research,  Software Development, NFPs, Federal Government, International Relations, Arts & Culture and with Youth in High schools.

I've come to realize that the best way for me to change the world, is to work with individuals who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world", as Gandhi famously said.

To do so, I offer my life experience of empathetic listening, IQ/EQ sensibility and systems thinking understanding in order to provide guidance, counsel, and individualized practices that help you achieve greater understanding and embodiment of your values, goals and aspirations.

My purpose is to support individuals as they navigate through change and sense-making.

I am also certified as a Integral Associate Coach since Fall 2019 through Integral Coaching Canada.


We live in a time of deep spiritual depletion.

Lets reconnect with, and recharge, the human potential in us.

We live in a fast paced, productivity oriented culture where we have little time to think/feel about why we do what we do, and whether it is taking us somewhere truly meaningful and purpose generating.

I offer coaching to individuals who seek to go beyong their current life routine/scenario that have so far served them well, yet feel insufficient for what they aspire to next.

It can be disorienting to try to figure out complex and life changing decision on our own, or to put the pressure of those discussions on those around us who we trust, but also may burden with.

The role of a coach is to have a companion to explore ideas, possibilities with, a sounding board to materialize both root intentions and concrete actions.

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