Population: 49 Million | Capital: Bogota | Area: 1.14 Million km² | GDP/Capita: $14k | Independence: 1810


Diana | Cartagena | Colombia

Diana's photo: "The idea for this activity came from a group of social work students. In order to give an opportunity for people to express a thought regarding the commemoration of the International Women's Day. Mindful that it is not a day to celebrate but to commemorate and continue the fight for women's rights."

Luis' photo: “In the day, you can find people playing soccer, but it really comes alive at night. I used to study here too when I was young as this building used to be a school. This is the only place where you'll find a Plaza that belongs not to the city Cartagena but to the neighbourhood of Getsemani."

Luis | Cartagena | Colombia

Alfredo | Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta | Colombia

Alfredo's photo: “Those white hats you see are worn by our people, the Arhuaco and represent the snow on the peaks of the mountains. I’m not wearing one right now because I guess my personal style is more mestizo.”

Hernando's photo: "These Pino Vela are over 80 years old. I love nature and these make the Palacio de la Cultura building even nicer. They also provide shelter for the birds to build their nests."

Hernando | Medellin | Colombia

Yalma | Medellin | Colombia

Yalma's photo: “I like this view because the air is fresh up here. It’s important to have places where we can breathe and enjoy nature. As for the outdoor escalator that brought you here, it’s a project that brings happiness, progress and work for people as well as some transparency—that our tax money is going to projects for us.”

Alexandra's photo: "I chose to photograph this because it really involves participation from my side and not just staring at it. When I go into the water, I can feel how much my participation gives back to me. It's very physical, immediate and intense. It helps to empty myself, to connect with the essence and what really matters. It also makes me feel like a child going there. Like a pure being."

Alexandra | Medellin | Colombia

Lucio | Bogota | Colombia

Lucio's photo: “Since I was little, I was taught that all that you say, think and feel, he, the Lord, understands. I see that tower every time that I wake up or go to sleep. In the morning, when I see it, I thank God for another day. I don’t have a house or a car or own many things. But I have this passage: No tengo plata ni oro, pero lo que tengo te doy (Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you).”

Yennis' photo: “My dog Marcy and my cousin waiting for me while I’m doing fieldwork for my school project. He’s my favourite cousin and brother to my soul. We understand each other in a way that is difficult for others to follow. My dog is a creature that came into my life to fill it with colour, or actually with black and white since he’s a Dalmatian.”

Alcira | Ipiales | Colombia

Alcira's photo: "The Las Lajas Sanctuary is important because of my faith. It's also beautiful and has a lot of art and details that make it very elegant. A lot of work went into the church and I think it's good that it's so beautiful as it attracts many people, not just pilgrims or christians but tourists too because he structure is so impressive."