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DEI Training

The DEI Fundamentals Training Program is the result of my experiences working as an independent DEI consultant with several hundred participants across diverse organizations in public, private and non-for-profit sectors over the last 5 years.


It is a program for individuals and groups who wish to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of core Diversity, Equity and Inclusion concepts, and how they can translate into practices that are true to their realities.

Through the DEI training sessions, we will explore how DEI work can be meaningful, beyond the surface and its more performative displays.

"It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have."

— James Baldwin

How does DEI Training with Jimmy work?

The training is structured as a series of four modules, offered either in private one-on-one format (90 mins per session), or in groups up to 20 participants (120 mins per session).


The content expands on essential DEI concepts by looking at how they relate to participant's life experiences, and by bringing in a developmental and systems lens in order to deepen one's understanding of core DEI concepts.  

DEI Fundamentals Training Outline: 

Module 1: Identity & The Self

In this first module, we will explore the basics of what DEI means to you. Build awareness around the role of personal identity and the importance of being aware of our own biases. We will also look at what developmental psychology can teach us about building greater capacity to understand others.

Module 2: Culture & The Collective 

In this second module, we will look at the influence of culture and group dynamics as they relate to DEI. We will explore models and frameworks that will help organize collective experiences and realities in order to navigate through them more skillfully. We will explore the roles that different generations hold in building an inclusive culture.​

Module 3: Systems & Frameworks

In this third module, we will dive into how a systems perspective is essential in order to address the root causes of DEI challenges. We will go over different frameworks that bring insights into how to reconcile the tensions between individual and collective perspectives and how to simultaneously hold space and consideration for different stakeholders.  

Module 4: Practice, Actions & Impacts

In the fourth and last module of the DEI Fundamentals Training, we will explore how to translate the knowledge and concepts acquired into practice. How to go from waking up our awareness, to showing up where we are most needed. We will explore what actions you can take in order to have responsible positive impact through concrete actions.

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