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Integrating Systems Thinking

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Jimmy's approach features a strong emphasis on integrating Systems Thinking into both Coaching & Training programs and practices.

This methodology uses notions from developmental psychology (Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Robert Kegan), as well as systems thinking and theories ( Peter Senge, Ken Wilber)


Jimmy approaches personal developmental as a holistic process that requires both a deepening understanding of our unique personal experiences, as well as of the systems we are a part of (family, education, economic, social, political etc). 

What is Systems Thinking?

Definition by Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer, Leadership and Sustainability, MIT Sloan:

"Systems Thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes rather than parts, for seeing patterns of change rather than static snapshots, and for understanding the subtle interconnectedness that give living systems their unique character."

The reason I emphasize Systems Thinking in my approach is my own personal experience with how much it has brought in the missing pieces that I could not find through other practices, such as meditation or conventional fields of study, that tend to separate and decontextualize the relations between different disciplines.

It is also the reason I did my coaching training through Integral Coaching Canada, because of their emphasis on bringing a systems approach based on Ken Wilber's Integral Theory model.

If you are curious about integrating a systems perspective in how you identify the right questions and how to answer them, I would be happy to support you in such an endeavour.

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