Population: 16 Million | Capital: Quito | Area: 283 Thousand km² | GDP/Capita: $11k | Independence: 1822


Gabriela | San Antonio de Pichincha

Gabriela's photo: “This picture has all the important things in our lives. The backpacks and suitcases represent all the trips we’ve done, my boyfriend and I. They symbolize freedom and change, as life is an eternal movement. In the middle is my ultrasound image, and that represents a whole new adventure and journey for us that will soon begin. This time, I feel like I’m the backpack carrying the baby around in my belly. It’s amazing.”

Santhy's photo: "There are many churches in this city, but the Basílica del Voto Nacional is the most beautiful and important one. It feels amazing to be able to come up here and enjoy the view, both of the neo-Gothic style structure and of the city."

Santhy | Quito | Ecuador

Wilson | Quito | Ecuador

Wilson's photo: “I like this place because men and women have the opportunity to play sports together. We’re playing volleyball in mixed teams as you can see. The Parque La Carolina is also a good place for families to get together and enjoy the nice weather. I like being here because you can breathe and talk with people, tell jokes and laugh together.”

Maria Dolores' photo: "I like coming to the Plaza Grande with my husband to rest and relax when we are out running errands. I photographed the residence of Ecuador's president because it represents something important. I think the current president is much better than his predecessors because he has built a lot of roads and health centres for the people."

Maria Dolores | Quito | Ecuador

Victor Hugo | Riobamba | Ecuador

Victor Hugo's photo: "My wife and my daughter. Because I believe that family is the most important thing that I have. It is a fundamental pillar to support a better life and so I fight every day for the well being of my daughter. I would like to have a second child too eventually for her to have someone to speak with."

Maria's photo: "This is the house of my uncle. Growing up, I used to come here a lot to play with my cousins. Today, my cousins are studying in Riobamba during the week and come back only for the weekend, so I don't get to see them as often."

Maria | Gulaghuayco | Ecuador

Amparito | Chimborazo | Ecuador

Amparito's photo: “Welcome to the Reserva de Producción de Fauna Chimborazo. I’m native to this place and know the area well so I work as a guide, but only with locals, as I only speak Spanish and Kichwa. The summit of the volcano we are on reaches 6,310 metres above the sea level and is the closest place to the sun on the Earth’s surface. It’s therefore a great privilege for me to work here for that reason.”

Florencio's photo: “I like this area of the Abdón Calderón park because there is always a cool breeze which is nice on hot sunny days. The trees and vegetation are also beautiful, like the magnolias over there. People are also very friendly in Cuenca.”

Florencio | Cuenca | Ecuador