Motivational Speaker | Documentary Photographer | Global Citizen

With several years of experience as a motivational speaker. Jimmy has addressed audiences from diverse backgrounds in English, French and Spanish on themes such as International Development, Intercultural Dialogue and Global Citizenship.


With a focus on the growing importance of understanding citizenship from a cultural perspective. Jimmy facilitates workshops that invite participants to reflect on the role that the Arts, Technology and Social Networks have as tools for both personal and social change.



With a passion for people and intercultural learning. Jimmy's photography projects focus on building understanding across cultures by creating opportunities to see the perspectives of others. He has conducted over 200 photo interviews with individuals across 18 countries.


Jimmy Ung has traveled in close to 30 countries and worked for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Canadian Parliament, as well as for international charity Free The Children. His interests span over areas such as culture, education, community and civic engagement and the impacts of new technologies on them.

In 2014 and 2015, he completed a solo motorcycle journey across the Americas, through which he did photo interviews with over 150 people from the 18 countries he visited.


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