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I'm an Educator, DEI Trainer and Integral Life Coach, currently on sabbatical and working on a book about Privilege, Power and Social Responsibility.

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Exploring how privilege affects inequality...



I am currently travelling the world with my partner Hannah. 

Our sabbatical will take us to over 25 countries.

We are using this time and these spaces to better listen & learn about the systems that impact the realities and lived experiences of people in different parts of the world.

Our goal is to deepen our understanding of how the world works and how we can become better instruments of social change in our communities, both locally and globally.

We recognize that this experience is very unique on its own, and that we are exercising a high degree of our own privileges in order to make it happen.


Hence, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to give it the kind of purpose that goes beyond ourselves. 

Hannah is focusing on emerging projects related to mental health & well being that are neurodivergent/trauma-informed.

I am focusing on building a framework around socially responsible privilege that aims to build capacity in individuals to act, rather than disengage from, their places of privilege, and in service of those who are within their field of impact.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to connect around any of these themes.

- Jimmy


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