Zachary | Panajachel | Guatemala

Zachary's photo: "The experience of growing up in a village in the Guatemalan Highlands has shaped my values, world views and life goals. For someone like me with roots outside of the country, that life experience is represented best by Lake Atitlán, its three volcanoes and thirteen villages. Living here from a very young age made me aware of my own privileges and forced me to grapple with things like inequality, injustice, violence and human rights issues."

Melissa's photo: "This is the 'Tanque La Unión', it is an important place in Antigua as many people have fallen in love around here. I think it's because the location brings out feelings and inspires peacefulness."

Melissa | Antigua | Guatemala

Lilian | Antigua | Guatemala

Lilian's photo: “This artwork shows the craft of my people from San Antonio Aguas Calientes. It takes a whole week of work to make this tablecloth. The colours and patterns that are woven represent a variety of things such as flowers, fields and streets as well as the Quetzal bird; symbol of Guatemala.”

Roberto's photo: "These are my nephews, they mean a lot to me because the affection they express is so innocent and their love is unconditional. I like to bring them here because it allows them to play and run around. Children need to release their energy."

Roberto | Antigua | Guatemala

Patricia | Antigua | Guatemala

Patricia's photo: "I like this perspective that combines both the 'Volcán de Agua' along with the 'Palacio de los Capitanes Generales' to the right. This majestic volcano was originally called 'Hunapú' or 'place of flowers' by the Maya. It welcomes all the visitors that come here to Antigua as it stands 3760 meters tall."

Dolores's photo: “I’ve had this shop here in the market for 39 years. It’s allowed me to put my kids through school. I love my job because I like selling things to people and talking with them. I chose to photograph this painting because it illustrates the Quetzal, our national bird in Guatemala. It lives free in nature and can be difficult to see.”

Dolores | Guatemala City | Guatemala

Jacob | Guatemala City | Guatemala

Jacob's photo: “I like this place because I spend so much time here for my work. I enjoy being in contact with people all day who appreciate my presence as it makes them feel safe. I have a friend named Arturo who stops by everyday to talk with me too. So this is a nice place and I like working here as a security guard.”

Sonia's photo: "I chose to photograph the National Palace of Culture because I work here. This palace is very important because it used to house the Guatemalan government. It is now used as a museum for various artistic expositions and cultural events, hence the reason I like it a lot."

Sonia | Guatemala City | Guatemala

Rony | Guatemala City | Guatemala

Rony's photo: “The picture I took is of my new apartment building that is almost completed. It’s where I will be living and it’s important for me as it represents years of hard work. It also makes me happy that I achieved this goal in my country.”


Population: 16 Million | Capital: Guatemala City | Area: 108,889 km² | GDP/Capita: $7,6k | Independence: 1821