Population: 8.2 Million | Capital: Tegucigalpa | Area: 112,492 km² | GDP/Capita: $5k | Independence: 1821


Daniel | Tegucigalpa | Honduras

Daniel's photo: "I see that church every day on my way home from work. I often want to take my time to sit and talk with the people, but I haven't done so yet. Centre-town used to be very nice, but now, it's mostly fast food chains and thrift shops. There's so much potential for this historic part, I hope to see things change for better shops and more authentic Honduran restaurants."

Andrea's photo: “This is the Plaza de Las Cuatro Culturas. I like it because it’s a gathering place where students can come to relax. The clock here is special because it tells time in 4 different languages: Roman, Gregorian, Mayan and Ordinal. And so, it represents my ideal of the unity of various cultures. It’s also a place where cultural events are celebrated here on campus.”

Andrea | Tegucigalpa | Honduras

Alex | Tegucigalpa | Honduras

Alex's photo: "El Picacho is a beautiful place that always makes me forget any problems on my mind. The view here shows all the beauty in the simple things, like the sunrise or being in contact with nature. It's incredible to be able to see all the houses and buildings with a single look and then imagine all the people living their lives. Regardless of their social and economic conditions, some people might be happy while others are sad, at the same moment. Life is amazing."

Claudia's photo: "As a teacher, nature is one of the fundamental pillars for me in education. The Museo de la Naturaleza allows me to share with my students the riches of the species and fauna of our beautiful Honduras. This is the best way to inspire our own lives as Nature provides the silence that your heart needs to change the things you want to transform through your own knowledge and dreams."

Claudia | San Pedro Sula | Honduras

Emerita | San Pedro Sula | Honduras

Emerita's photo: “I love animals and nature. Here are my turtles in my backyard pond. The eldest is about 20 years old. I received them as a gift from an old neighbour who used to live near here. There isn’t much water around here so their presence in my backyard is special for me. I also have a lot of plants around my home that make me happy when they flower.”

Kelsey's photo: "I received these awards from different institutions for my work in Solidarity, Leadership and Arts & Cultural management. What matters to me is not the awards themselves but what they represent. In the middle is an art-piece my grandmother made for me with her hand. It sits next to my desk as a daily reminder of the principles she taught me. I owe my work ethic, discipline, education, basically, who I am, to her. She has always been there for me."

Kelsey | San Pedro Sula | Honduras

Mariel | San Pedro Sula | Honduras

Mariel's photo: “I photographed my backpack because I’ve had it for over ten years, since I was in 7th grade I think. It’s an homage to old rock bands that I really like because of their lyrics and music. I really love the Beatles in particular and that’s why I have the English flag too. I think that music allows you to represent some things that you just can’t express with anything else.”

Frank's photo: "This picture demonstrates the beauty of Honduras. The richness of the rivers, the feeling of adventure, the quality of life and happiness of her people. I believe in a Honduras that is tolerant, loving and respectful of life. The colors in the picture are bright like our future and that bird represents for me, the enthusiasm to achieve our goals. I invite everyone around the world to come in Honduras because it is a very safe country to live and enjoy life."

Frank | San Pedro Sula | Honduras

Cruz | Tela | Honduras

Julio's photo: “These monocultures of palm oil plantations are drying up the rivers and land and preventing people from planting other things. We used to grow rice, corn and beans, but now we import them and prices for food have gone up as a result. Everyone is planting palm trees because of the money to be made, but people aren’t thinking of the long-term consequences on the biodiversity.”

Cruz's photo: "Tela is a special place where many people come to spend the weekends because of its beautiful beaches and good restaurants. I took this picture of the Garifuna community of Tela. It's a place where many people go to taste Garifuna cuisine like fried fish, machuca, rice & beans and listen to Garifuna music and dance the Punta."

Cruz | Tela | Honduras