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Life Coaching

It is often in sharing our knowledge that our own understanding expands the most.


Coaching with me is about co-creating meaning through high quality conversations. Asking astute questions and allowing for answers to emerge from within without judging them, all while being curious about how everything connects together, into a deeper and more complete picture. 


Whether in relation to the themes of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, or in order to achieve a specific personal or professional goal, I am eager to support you in your journey.

Through coaching sessions, I provide a space and time for guided reflections, supportive dialogue and personal accountability.

Jimmy - Discovery Call

How does coaching with Jimmy work?

Step 1 - Discovery call:

- An initial and free 45 minute discovery call to explore the topic you want to bring into focus and how working together would look like.

Step 2 - Engagement:

- A commitment to a minimum of 6 sessions (60 minutes each), spread over a period of 2 to 3 months (biweekly).

- For deeper goals, the preferred commitment is 10 sessions over a 5 month period.

Step 3 - Coaching:

- Sessions are held by video-call over Zoom in English, French or Spanish.

- Coaching sessions include reflections, dialogue and practices as well as reflective assignments in between sessions.

Jimmy's coaching approach:

My coaching approach focuses on meeting you where you are at, without judgement, and fostering a deep appreciation for what makes your journey and story unique.

My role consists in creating a customized coaching program to support your unique goals, while leveraging the insights of developmental approaches to adult learning and systems thinking.


Working with me, you will be encouraged to:

- Nurture your curiosity about yourself, your story and identity.

- Build awareness around your role and impact within your family, workplace and community.

- Explore new ideas and concepts that will contribute to better understanding complexity in people, culture and the world.

- Discover creative and innovative frameworks that reconcile and integrate individual, group and systems perspectives.

- Identify misalignments between intentions and actions, incoherences, limiting beliefs and blind spots/shadow elements.

- Strengthen your sense-making /meaning-making capacity by integrating a developmental and systems thinking approach.

- Gain access to insights and capabilities that are presently outside your reach.

- Translate your values and aspirations into clear and coherent actions.

- Embody the transformative changes that you are uniquely gifted with and capable of expressing.

Harvesting the power of storytelling and metaphors, I believe that better understanding our personal story, and aligning it with collective narratives is a key process in order to strengthen our ability to navigate skillfully and with purpose through life.

I would love to support you and be your champion when it comes to:

- Exploring your identity, who you are, in order to connect with your deeper sense of purpose.

- Making important life decisions and transitions.

- Overcoming the feeling of being "stuck". 

- Improving relations with people around you.

- Exercising leadership in your organization and community.

- Connecting with your emotional and spiritual intelligence.

- Aligning your life with your values and aspirations.

- Better understanding things that are outside of your comfort zone.

- Building a deeper understanding of the systems that affect your life.

- Making sense of what happens in society and in the news cycle.

- Integrating Privilege, Power and Responsibility as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Together, we will share, explore the things you feel most certain and uncertain about, co-creating meaning along the way. 


​I am a certified Integral Associate Coach since 2019 through Integral Coaching Canada.

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