Personal Developmental Coaching

In our modern times, we are exposed and have access to a plethora of information, 24/7, through many mediums such as books, podcasts, documentaries and print or social media. But does more information serve us well? How do we process this information, and relate of identify to it beneficially?


These have wonderfully democratized access to knowledge, or at least, information.


However, they often do little to help us integrate and embody the knowledge we accumulate. That, is best done when we have the opportunity to contrast our knowledge and experiences through dialogue with other perspectives, and to receive thoughtful feedback from it.


In my experience, great conversations are often the starting point of great journeys of transformations. Yet, we often lack the opportunity to formally integrate such practices intentionally into our lives.

I see the role of a coach as that of a compassionate and curious guide. 

My approach to coaching is both introspective and conversational.

Together, we will share, explore the things you feel most certain and uncertain about, co-creating meaning along the way. 

I believe in the capacity of individuals to achieve their innate potential.

As a Coach, I use Developmental Psychology and Integral Theory in order to guide individuals towards a deeper, broader and more meaningful understanding of themselves and the world.​

I've come to realize that the best way for me to change the world, is to work with individuals who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world", as Gandhi famously said.

To do so, I offer my life experience of empathetic listening, IQ/EQ sensibility and systems thinking understanding in order to provide guidance, counsel, and individualized practices that help you achieve greater understanding and embodiment of your values, goals and aspirations.

My purpose is to support individuals as they navigate through change and sense-making.

I am also certified as a Integral Associate Coach since Fall 2019 through Integral Coaching Canada.

What would you like to learn?

What do you want to improve?

Who would you like to be?