Population: 119 Million | Capital: Mexico City | Area: 1,972,550 km² | GDP/Capita: $19k | Independence: 1810


Daniel | Mexico City | Mexico "I made my first interview in Latin America, and in Spanish, with Daniel, whom I met in a public plaza."

Daniel's photo: “That’s the Monumento a la Revolución, dedicated to the Mexican Revolution. I think it’s very beautiful. I was about 13 years old when I first went up to the top with my classmates during a school trip. I remember that the view was spectacular.”

Luna's photo: “The picture represents the unity and combativeness of women in Mexico. We need solidarity among each other to fight the State that oppresses, kills and makes us disappear, simply for being women. We are free in this city and we must reclaim our being and our place.”

Luna | Mexico City | Mexico "I heard Luna's voice before seeing her as she was reading feminist poetry out loud from the middle of the park."

Fernando | Mexico City | Mexico "I met Fernando while exploring the campus of the University."

Fernando's photo: “That’s the Central Library building of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The murals that cover its walls are like the pages of a book, with each side telling a different part of our story. The Northern wall shows the Pre-Hispanic people and culture, the Southern side shows the colonization by the Spanish, the East side shows the Mexican Revolution and the Western wall tells the story of the University. Together, they provide a synthesis of the history of Mexico."

Erika's photo: "I believe that Foreign Policy is important for the world. What we do at the 'Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores' is important for the future and the development of the country as a whole. Getting to know other countries and cultures is key to what lies ahead for us. Mexico can give an interesting perspective because we're in the middle or many crossroads, both modern and Pre-Hispanic."

Erika | Mexico City | Mexico "I met Erika while walking around the Mexican Foreign Affairs building in downtown Mexico."

Adrian | Mexico City | Mexico "I met Adrian while looking through some books in Spanish. I was hoping to find a copy of Khalil Gibran's the Prophet, to offer to my hosts."

Adrian's photo: "The Cathedral is meaningful because it is a symbol that embodies the faith of many Mexican people. As for the Mexican flag, it is significant because it represents the struggle that many people went through by giving and dedicating their lives for a better Mexico."

Sebastien's photo: "This place is meaningful to me because it's the root of our civilization. It's a source of pride for Mexicans about our Pre-Hispanic times. We are proud because at that age, we had the most developed culture of the Americas. And even Today, it is still impressive for people who come here from all over the world."

Sebastien | Teotihuacan | Mexico "Sebastien welcomed me to his home through the reference of a friend. he also invited me to Teotihuacan, one of his favourite places in Mexico."

Iraly | Oaxaca City | Mexico "I met Iraly at the hostel I was staying at. She helped guide through her favourite parts of the city in exchange for practicing English with her."

Iraly's photo: “One of the best attractions of Oaxaca is the cuisine. You can feel the love of those who prepare the food here. It also brings out the heritage of Oaxaca as you can find Mesoamerican, Indigenous, Spanish and other European influences through the mole sauces, maize, bread, chocolate and condiments used in dishes. The time we eat is also the time I am with my family, it’s what brings us together.”

Juan Pablo's photo: "This tree is special to me. When I met my girlfriend 4 years ago, we were sitting on the roof of the hostel here watching fire works. At some point, without us noticing, its flowers all bloomed and made the tree completely red. The next day, all the flowers fell to the ground and the tree was green again, we were very lucky to have seen it."

Juan Pablo | Oaxaca City | Mexico "I met Juan Pablo while packing up my motorcycle to leave Oaxaca City, he was drawn to my motorcycle and started to chat with me about my travels."

Pedro | Puerto Madero | Mexico "I met Pedro while walking along the coast after having just reached the Pacific Ocean for the first time with my motorcycle."

Pedro's photo: "This represents the beauty of Chiapas and particularly the ocean coast. Having such a close contact with nature and the sea is important to me. It allows me to feel peaceful and free."