Population: 6.1 Million | Capital: Managua | Area: 130,375 km² | GDP/Capita: $5.2k | Independence: 1821


Susana | Managua | Nicaragua

Susana's photo: "I've been working for 24 years at the Nicaraguan National Commission for UNESCO. This picture is very important for me personally because it was the favourite place of my late boss, Juan Bautista Arríen. It's a space to read newspapers and research books to find information but my favourite memories are celebrating his birthdays here. We're a small team and it always felt as if we were his second family."

Manuel's photo: "That's the Paseo Xolotlán over there, where you see a plane. They installed a miniature replica of what this city used to look like before the big earthquake of 1972 that damaged everything. I was very touched the first time I saw it. Managua is a disorder Today and everything has changed. You can still get a feel of how it was when you go to Granada though."

Manuel | Managua | Nicaragua

Adela | Managua | Nicaragua

Adela's photo: “That is the Old Cathedral of Managua which is an important religious site for Nicaraguans. It was severely damaged by the 1972 earthquake. Though it still stands today, the building has been condemned ever since. It’s fascinating because it seems almost intact from outside although it’s completely destroyed inside.”

Jairo's photo: “This is my fresh food stand, it’s a part of how I make my living. I like working here because I’m surrounded by people I love seeing. If I find a better job one day, I hope in the same way to work around people I love.”

Jairo | Managua | Nicaragua

Elsa | Granada | Nicaragua

Elsa's photo: "La Calzada is a street that is reserved for pedestrians and many tourists like to come here to enjoy Nicaraguan music and food. I think that it's good because it contributes to our economy. I like coming here with my family too, particularly in the evening. People are friendly and it's a place to show our culture but also for us to appreciate and learn about the culture of the tourists that visit us from all over the world."

Jimmy's photo: "Because the Cathedral of Granada is an important symbol of religion for the city of Granada, It is a point of reference for people. It's also very beautiful, I like the design of the architecture and the colour as well.”

Jimmy | Granada | Nicaragua

Chele | Granada | Nicaragua

Chele's photo: “I like to go fishing for 'guapote' on that little island there as it is calm and peaceful. My friend and I go there sometimes by swimming or on a small boat. When we catch fish, we cook and eat it right from there.”

Octavio's photo: “In this photograph, you can see the electric power pole with an integrated street light. Our community only received electricity about 5 years ago and that street light followed around 6 months after. We were skeptical as it had been promised for a long time, but when the machines came and planted the first poles, I remember the whole village got together and we did a fiesta to celebrate.”

Octavio | Ometepe | Nicaragua

Lidieth | Ometepe | Nicaragua

Lidieth's photo: "That is our beautiful Lake Nicaragua. It's been my backyard all my life. I'm a person that loves nature and seeing the water always brings me peace and tranquility. Its unique because its a freshwater lake and the largest one in Central America."