Population: 4 Million | Capital: Panama City | Area: 74,177 km² | GDP/Capita: $20k | Independence: 1821


Felix | Changuinola | Panama "I met Felix at a protest on the Changuinola river bridge."

Felix's photo: “We're standing over this bridge to get the Government’s attention. The electric infrastructure is deteriorating for many villages in this area. Sometimes, the power goes out for several days, so we lose everything in our refrigerators and access to water as the pumps can’t work. Governments have promised investments but all they do is fix them as they break. We're the oldest region in Panama and it's a paradox as there are 2 important hydropower plant projects in the region."

Olivia's photo: “Here are my eldest daughter and my husband. We live about a 3-hour bus ride from here, in the Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca, so we come to the city about once a month. We like this park because it has shade from the sun. The colourful dresses you see us wearing are called Naguas and are a symbol of our culture.”

Olivia | San Jose de David | Panama

Julio | San Jose de David | Panama

Julio's photo: "These are good friends that I appreciate and love very much. We live in the same neighbourhood so we often bump into each other here at the bus terminal. They are a part of my life and I'm happy to share this picture of them with you."

Karen's photo: “I like El Valle because there are many tourists and it’s beautiful here. We’re actually inside the crater of an old volcano and the mountain edge over there is called La India Dormida because it is in the shape of a sleeping Indigenous woman. Legend says her name was Flor del Aire, daughter to an important chief who was fighting the Spanish conquistadors when she fell into an impossible love with one of them.”

Karen | El Valle de Anton | Panama

Charlie | Panama City | Panama

Charlie's photo: "With all the chaos in the city. Entering this part of the park brings me happiness and helps me focus on the things that really matter. Like the people I love and it gives me strength to keep going."

Leonardo's photo: “The Metropolitan Cathedral is a symbol for me of tranquility and peace of mind. The area around here in Casco Viejo has been abandoned for a long time, but they started to restore the buildings. The government wants to attract more tourists, like they did in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s good because it creates jobs for young people.”

Leonardo | Panama City | Panama

Dalys | Panama City | Panama

Dalys's photo: "My beautiful Panama, the sea, the sky, the green of the trees. I feel tranquility when I am up here in the Old Cathedral Tower of Panama Viejo. I like to look out and contemplate the view, particularly of nature, though others might prefer to look at the growing skyline."

Yani's photo: "The Casa Esperanza helps the children in the neighbourhood who don't have much. When kids finish school, they go there to play, learn more and eat before going home. They also help by giving school uniforms and gifts during Christmas. I also like it because it's pretty, it looks beautiful, they just painted the walls last month."

Yani | Ciudad Colon | Panama