Population: 32 Million | Capital: Lima | Area: 1.28 Million km² | GDP/Capita: $13k | Independence: 1821


Leonardo | Piura | Peru

Leonardo's photo: "During the rainy season from February to April, we need boats to cross this section. People often come here after work to swim in the river. I like that its tranquil and how the water's temperature is never too cold or warm, just nice."

Guadalupe's photo: “This is an important part of the mural that surrounds the University of Trujillo where I study. You have Simón Bolívar to the left who cofounded this University with José Sánchez. It was the first Republican University of Peru. You also have on the right Lady Justice, who to me represents balance.”

Guadalupe | Trujillo | Peru

Augusto | Trujillo | Peru

Augusto's photo: “I work here as a fisherman but I’m originally from the north of Peru in Puerto de Paita. This statue reminds me of my youth, of when I first came to Trujillo in 1978 to work for a fishing company. It’s a statue that for me represents liberty.”

Giselle's photo: "Lima, a city that was built in front of the ocean. We inherit a legacy of our ancestors and with that, great responsibility. This was my first time visiting the Huaca Pucllana site, even though I was born and raised in this city. This picture reflects how a big city like Lima, so noisy sometimes, can share a space with our background, with our past and be connected all at the same time."

Giselle | Lima | Peru

Gustavo | Lima | Peru

Gustavo's photo: "This is the Palace of the Government of Peru. It's important because all the Presidents of Peru have worked there and received dignitaries from other countries. It's where the counsel of Ministers meet and is the seat of the executive. I like to sit here in the plaza and talk to people on my way between home and work."

Matilde's photo: “This photograph was taken 70 years ago, before we got married. It’s important to me because my husband was a very good man. He gave me 5 wonderful children who take care of me Today. I met him when I was 21 and we got married one year and 3 months later. We were married for 47 years until he passed away 20 years ago. He was my only love. It’s a very beautiful memory when I see the photo but also sad because I miss him.”

Matilde | Lima | Peru

Luz Katherine | San Francisco / Kimbiri | Peru

Luz Katherine's photo: "This bridge is important because it connects the towns of San Francisco and Kimbiri. It allows me to visit my friends who live on the other side of the river. I also love this view."

Antonio's photo: “This semicircular structure is part of the Temple of the Sun. It’s important because it was believed to connect the ancient city with the rotation of the Earth. It’s the main point from where the Incas drew their calendar. It’s impressive to think of how they built it in coordination with the sun. I feel very proud about this place because I’m a descendant from the Incas.”

Antonio | Macchu Picchu | Peru