After working with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO on Global Citizenship Education and as Coordinator of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network in Canada, Jimmy dedicated an entire year to explore the ways in which people connect to their culture and identity by completing an independent photo documentary project that spanned over 18 countries across the Americas.

Traveling solo by motorcycle, he covered over 30 000 km between Montreal, Canada and Ushuaia, Argentina; the southernmost city in the world. Driven by the desire to connect with people and learn from them, Jimmy documented his encounters through a cultural photography project he conducted with 150 participants who were each invited to take a photograph of something meaningful to them in their surroundings and to share a personal story about it.


Since returning to Canada, Jimmy has been presenting the results of his journey under the theme of Intercultural Dialogue Through Photography. His presentations showcase rich photography, travel anecdotes and real life stories that illustrate the vast cultural diversity of the Americas. Through his speaking engagements, Jimmy seeks to share his insights, lessons learned on the road and reflections on the importance of building understanding across cultures in order to foster a more peaceful world.

Theme of Jimmy's speaking engagements :

Intercultural Dialogue through Photography.

Pictures are not only worth many words, they can nurture curiosity and create conversations between people across countries and cultures.

What is the impact of globalization on people in different parts of the Americas? Does it affect Northern countries differently than Southern ones? What is the influence of information and communication technologies on the everyday life of people and their social, economic and political conditions? Are there commons themes when it comes to indigenous peoples across the Americas?


Explore these questions and more while traveling across the Americas through the rich images and authentic stories about the people that Jimmy met throughout his journey.

Themes: Globalization, Social Justice, Global Citizenship Education, Latin America, Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue.

Approach and format :

Jimmy’s presentations are delivered with visual support (projector), relying on a dynamic combination of storytelling and

stunning images. Presentations are usually between 60 and 90 minutes in length and can be adapted to suit audiences in English, French or Spanish, for suggested ages of 14 years and over. Jimmy has presented to small groups in classrooms as well as amphitheatres with several thousand attendees.

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