Population: 3.4 Million | Capital: Montevideo | Area: 176,215 km² | GDP/Capita: $21.5k | Independence: 1825


Susana | Montevideo | Uruguay

Susana's photo: “This used to be an abandoned warehouse. The Government invited citizens to propose projects to revitalize the area. We successfully proposed to convert it into this public park where we now have native trees, a space for outdoor cinema powered by bicycles, tango dancing, fitness stations, a House of the Neighbours with a library and spaces for courses, as well as a skate park for youths. There are also jobs in gardening and maintenance through a co-op that reintegrates people."

Natalia's photo: “This is my friend’s tiny book version of El arte de amar by Erich Fromm. The words of the book are from another time, but still very relevant for me today. This picture captures a certain harmony between people and nature as the book’s pages come from wood and we are reading it under a tree.”

Natalia | Montevideo | Uruguay

Raul | Montevideo | Uruguay

Raul's photo “I’m a friend of the owner, this place will be 50 years old in January. It used to be named Las Celestes del Sol. It was renamed Los Beatles when it was rebuilt after it had burnt down. The owner decided to change the name for better luck, and because the band was so popular at the time. Clients have given us posters of the Beatles ever since that we’ve hung on the wall over the years. As for the flag, it’s been there since the 2010 World Cup.”

Jorge's photo: “This is the Palacio Legislativo of Uruguay, my workplace, but also a historical monument. It was inaugurated in 1925 for the 100 years of Independence. I personally believe we should not have offices in historical monuments but rather turn them into cultural spaces.”

Jorge | Montevideo | Uruguay

Ezequiel | Montevideo | Uruguay

Ezequiel's photo: “I really like hanging out in Parque Rodó, either with friends or in order to read a book alone. I feel so lucky to have this park so near to my home. It makes me feel happy when I’m here because I’m surrounded by nature."