Population: 324 Million | Capital: Washington, D.C. | Area: 3,796,742 km² | GDP/Capita: $57k | Independence: 1776

united states

Grace | New York City | USA "My first interview in the United States was with my friend Grace whom I met in Italy at a Youth Conference in 2010. We stayed in touch through Facebook and it was nice to see her again for this project."

Grace's photo: “This place first caught my eyes a few months ago. The leaves would form these beautiful arches that hid the city. It’s a place that gives me energy and I come here when I need to unwind from the fast pace of Manhattan. Though I’m a pacifist, I feel that its location right next to the Brooklyn War Memorial brings a form of reconciliation with the past.”

Rich's photo: "We have this place. It's an African-American landmark. Every inspirational artist we know Today performed there when they were nothing. I tell myself that if they could do it at the hardest times, I can too. It inspires me to pursue my dreams to the fullest."

Rich | New York City | USA "I met Rich in Harlem while walking around. He was selling his albums to people passing by. We struck a short conversation about art."

Kelly | New York City | USA "I met Kelly while meeting up with a friend for coffee, we ended up all going for lunch together and I came out with a new friend."

Kelly's photo: "Walking the Poet's Walk, my favourite part of Central Park. There's a timelessness to this place where millions have gone by with whatever poetry they carry with them. I feel like I could have been here 100 years ago, or in 100 years from now, it would feel the same because of the trees. There's something special about how the light touches them, even without their leaves."

Dawnique's photo: "As I look to my left and right, and see the injustices in the world. I can't help but attempt to mirror those who came before me. Coming here always reminds me of PURPOSE. You stop and ask yourself: what ignited MLK to fight for justice? He's a symbol of a whole culture, but the story continues Today as we collectively add to it and change the narrative."

Dawnique | Washington, D.C. | USA "I originally met Dawnique in New York City a year earlier at the United Nations Headquarters for events related to the International Day of Peace. We stayed in touch as she moved to D.C. and went for a walk around her favourite places."

Andrea | Washington, D.C. | USA "I met Andrea, a graduate student at Georgetown University in Latin American studies."

Andrea's photo: "I spend most of my time right now in the library. I was lucky to have earned a scholarship to come study here (Georgetown). I feel like in this moment of my life, I am learning a lot about Latin American history, politics and social justice issues. The bioethics library is beautiful and cozy because there are always people here. It's one of my favourite places on campus."

Hayley's photo: "I grew up here. This street reminds me of when I first fell in love with music. Coming here as a kid with my parents and then in high school with my friends. I spent a lot of time at 'The Stage' and the 'Second Fiddle'. I also had my first kiss around here when I was 16."

Hayley | Nashville | USA "I met Hayley while she was headed to a Rock concert with some friends."

Albert | New Orleans | USA "I met Albert while exploring Bourbon Street in the day."

Albert's photo: “When I was a kid, we were very poor. All we ate was sugar bread and sugar water. One day I got tired of it and came over on Bourbon Street. I must have been about 12 years old. I met all kinds of people and ended up eating here. I still come here once a week, when I can afford it, to get a cheeseburger and French fries. When Katrina hit, it was the only place still open where I could afford to eat.”

Laurel's photo: "I've been using a lot of eyes in my own work. It's such a universal theme that evokes perception, awareness, wisdom but also protection and watchfulness. Keeping an eye out for others. To look at the eyes here, it's like the art work is looking back at us too, on behalf of those who lived here and used to look out those windows and doors."

Laurel | New Orleans | USA "I met Laurel at the Exhibit BE a former appartement building complex that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and converted to an open air Urban Art spaces."

Dylan | New Orleans | USA "I met Dylan, a student at Tulane University in International Development who aspires to change the world."

Dylan's photo: "I really enjoy how the street is enclosed by those big old trees. It makes it feel quieter. This has been kind of a chapter of my life as a student here in New Orleans. I'm moving to Guatemala in June to work in Human Rights after studying Latin American Studies and International Development at Tulane. I'm really excited about working in an area I am very passionate about."

Cheryl's photo: “I grew up here in the Lower Ninth Ward in my grandparents’ house. When I was 10 years old, Hurricane Betsy hit this area. I remember it was pitch black at night, the dogs were whining and I was terrified. Our neighbours came and loaded us onto a boat in order to escape the waters. The National Guard eventually brought us over to the other shore, over that bridge in this picture. It was only once we crossed that bridge that I really felt safe again.”

Cheryl | New Orleans | USA "I was referred to Cheryl after inquiring around the neighbourhood to find someone talkative to participate in my project. I was given a description of her home and knocked on the door to a smiling welcome."


Rob | Austin | USA "I met Rob while walking on Congress ave. He was very kind spirited and we walked a few blocks together until he was able to show me the location he chose to photograph"

Rob's photo: “I came to Austin to meet my mother. It was a good feeling to find her, but she and me would end up fighting. We are too much alike. I met a girl here at the ARCH last year. She was pregnant and we hung together a lot. People thought we were together, that we made a nice couple. But she eventually left. I’m still on the search for who I am. I’m homeless now, but I won’t be for long.”

Jo's photo: "I grew up in West Texas and am a fourth generation Texan. When I was young, dad would drive us here and I remember being captivated by the Capitol building. It's such a symbol of Texas, its independence, strength of character and our history. It's also taller than the US Capitol. Austin is very diverse, our modo is 'Keep Austin Weird' so that's why it's the perfect place for the Capital."

Jo | Austin | USA "I met Jo around the Texas Legislature."