Population: 31 Million | Capital: Caracas | Area: 916 Thousand km² | GDP/Capita: $15k | Independence: 1811


Yarwil | Guarero | Venezuela "I met Yarwil the morning after camping in the backyard of a family that lived on the Venezuelan side of Colombian border. I had arrived to late to get my motorcycle cleared at customs the day before, and had to improvise a sleeping arrangement."

Yarwil's photo: “I’m originally from Maracaibo but I’m working on the road with my father in that blue truck. It’s been about a year now since I’ve joined him and we take turns driving when we have to cover long distances. It’s a way to earn money while spending time together.”

David's photo: “I never thought I would end up working in motorcycle parts because I was always more interested in driving them. Now, I work with the people who drive them and I get to teach them about their bikes, the parts and how they work. I like finding solutions to the problems that they may have with their bikes. It’s my way of helping people.”

David | Carora | Venezuela

Lucia | Caracas | Venezuela

Lucia's photo: "Caracas can be an agressive and violent place. When I go to the Ávila mountain, it's a reconciliation with the city. The view you get of the city is very inspiring because it gives you perspective. It's really special to have that chunk of nature there."

Augustin's photo: "What I like about this location is that in the midst of a city as dangerous and chaotic as Caracas may be. You can always find a place where you can find peace and tranquility, surrounded by all the beauty that nature in Caracas can bring."

Augustin | Caracas | Venezuela

Marisol | Caracas | Venezuela

Marisol's photo: “The Museo de Bellas Artes is a place that inspires me a lot. I love the architecture and the artsy ambience in the area around it. When I was young, I used to come here often on Sundays on my own. Nowadays, I like to people watch when I’m around here.”

Laura's photo: "This is the Clock Tower from the UCV (Central University of Venezuela). It's meaningful to me because it is a part of the culture and history that took place here. Even though it's not working right now. It gives time to the students to remind themselves of the people and events that started here and changed the course of the country."

Laura | Caracas | Venezuela

Giovani | Caracas | Venezuela

Giovani's photo: "This view from my home is precious to me because I like to observe and appreciate the nature that God created. Staring out, it allows me to connect with him intimately. The houses show the cycle of family life. I love the view at night as well, with the lights and the stars."

Douglas' photo: “El Libertador, Simón Bolívar, is the greatest that Venezuela has known. Because he freed not only Venezuela but all of Gran Colombia, including Ecuador, Colombia and Panama. For this reason, in every city, you will find a Plaza Bolívar.”

Douglas | Merida | Venezuela