Week 4


Mexico: Nuevo Laredo - Monterrey - San Luis Potosi

Mexico Border crossing!
I see the border but I don't see any lines? Could it be..?
Mexican Line
Turns out, after going through the Aduanas (customs), I entered Mexico with no problem, but had to get a "Temporarily Vehicle Import Permit" in order to be "legal" on the road, and be able to leave the country eventually with my motorcycle without being hassled.

After circling around along the border, I managed to find the Banjercito office, where close to 100 people were waiting in line to process their Vehicle import documents...!!

So much for "no line!".
Temporary Importation Vehicle Permit
Well, nearly 3 hours after originally reaching the border, I finally got the TIVP sticker on my windshield!
Mexican highway!
Finally on Mexican roads! Now I just need to make it to Monterrey before it gets too dark..!
Friends from Montreal & Monterrey
I met up with my friend Yassen from Montréal who was doing an internship at a hospital in Monterrey as part of his Medical studies. And with Israel, my warm and kind new friend who was hosting me in Monterrey though Couchsurfing!
Downtown Monterrey, Mexico
A design-rich view of the towers in downtown Monterrey,
Canal de Monterrey
This canal was a beautiful walking experience and urban feature!
Tram Bus Stations
The Rapid-Bus system gets to have their stations illustrated. The one in the middle caught my eye. :)
San Lui Potosi
Posing with beautiful mountains in
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