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Why work on DEI?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a lens through which to interpret and understand the social and cultural dynamics of modern society. It is an approach that centers around humilty, curiosity and responsibility.

In Canada, according to the 2021 census, nearly 1 in 4 Canadians were born outside of the country (23%), making diversity a reality that isn't an emerging phenomenon but rather an established fact.

With the world increasingly interdependent and complex, previous ways of understanding and making sense are no longer adapted to reality. Failure to update our "operating system" through which we see the world, often leads to mutual misunderstanding, loss of trust, and a fear of making mistakes that can lead to paralysis or disengagement.

Furthermore, movements like "Me Too", "Black Lives Matter" and "Every Child Matters" have emerged and grown to become a part of public conversations. Many individuals and organizations now feel compelled to do more and to be better allies.


However, the gap between intentions, actions, and impacts often reveal the lack of knowledge or know-how necessary to achieve the desired results. And all of this at a time when courageous and transformative actions are needed from everyone.

My experiences coming from and working across multicultural backgrounds have lead me to believe that DEI skills and capacities don't just happen by waiting for the world to change: they require work through exposure to the unknown, discomfort and being open to learning from our mistakes.

It is my profound belief that improving knowledge and skills around DEI can bring forward better decision making in all aspects of our lives, in addition to giving us the ability to contribute positively to creating more equitable and inclusive spaces.

DEI Training and Coaching is therefore a way to increase your knowledge and capacity to have a responsible and positive impact in your life & community. 

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