Workshop theme :

Changing the World through the Arts.

An interactive workshop that invites participants to discover different artistic and cultural initiatives that contribute to fostering mutual understanding and positive social impacts. This workshop seeks to demonstrate how art can often provide a language for expression when different cultural barriers make it more difficult to find common ground.


Participants are invited to discuss their own experiences and reflect thoughtfully about the connections between individual and collective actions, as well as how the arts can allow them to communicate issues more clearly and mobilize more effectively. From inspiration to action, individual and collective, the language of the arts can allow us to communicates issues more clearly and mobilize more efficiently, bringing out the leader in all of us.

Approach and format :

Jimmy’s workshops are facilitated with the use of audio/visual support (projector/speakers), alternating between group discussions and presentations of visual content. Workshops are usually between 60 and 90 minutes in length and can be facilitated in English, French or Spanish, with groups not exceeding about 35 participants in order to allow for active discussions.

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