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Working with Jimmy

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My work focuses on meeting individuals where they are at, and creating a highly customized program to support their unique learning and development needs and goals.

My role is also to provide a space and time for guided reflections, supportive dialogue and personal accountability.

Harvesting the power of storytelling and metaphors, I believe that better understanding our personal story, and aligning it with collective narratives is a key process in order to strengthen our ability to navigate skillfully and with purpose through life's challenges.

Whether in relation to the themes of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, or in order to achieve a specific personal or professional goal, I am eager to support you in your journey.

Working with me, you will be encouraged to:

- Nurture your curiosity about yourself, your story and identity.

- Build awareness around your role and impact within your family, workplace and community.

- Explore new ideas and concepts that will contribute to better understanding complex issues in people, culture and the world.

- Discover creative and innovative frameworks that reconcile and integrate individual, group and systems perspectives.

- Identify misalignments between intentions and actions, incoherences, limiting beliefs and blind spots/shadow elements.

- Strengthen your sense-making /meaning-making capacity by integrating a developmental and systems thinking approach.

- Gain access to insights and capabilities that are presently outside your reach.

- Translate your values and aspirations into coherent actions.

- Embody the unique transformative changes that you are capable of expressing.

How does coaching with Jimmy work?

- We begin with a free 45 minute discovery session in order to see if there is a good fit.

- A commitment of a minimum of 6 sessions (90 minutes each), spread over a period of 2 to 3 months (biweekly).

- Coaching sessions can include reflections, dialogue and practices, with reflective assignments in between.

- Sessions are held by video-call over Zoom in English, French or Spanish.

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