Training on intercultural education

Workshop on Interculturalism.

About the training:

In a context where our societies are increasingly diversified, intercultural knowledges and skills are essential in order to live together harmoniously in our schools, our workplaces and communities in general. 

This training is therefore aimed at introducing individuals who are regularly immersed in culturally diversified contexts, to the models and frameworks that will provide them with a better understanding of interculturalism as an approach to integrating diversity.

Inspired by the guiding principles and operational framework elaborated by UNESCO, this training translates these concepts into practical and concrete examples in order to clarify the different approaches to diversity management and their strengths and weaknesses. 

The training also aims to raise individual awareness about which kinds of cultural knowledges and skills ought to be further developed.


Increasing knowledge and understanding of the differences between various approaches to cultural diversity such as tribalism, assimilationism, multiculturalism and interculturalism. 

Identifying the competencies that are specifically relavent to each of these approaches. 

Increasing knowledge of the work of UNESCO on intercultural issues. 

Learning to integrate a psychosocial approach to how to live together.

Being able to better analyze events and interpersonal interactions using the appropriate theoretical concepts. 

Promoting meaningful and harmonious relations between colleagues and clients.


Presentation at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Reference documents:

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About the trainer :

Jimmy Ung has travelled to over 35 countries on 5 continents, including 16 by motocycle from Montreal to Ushuaia in Argentina. He completed an intercultural photo documentary project where he interviewed over 200 individuals from 18 countries on what was meaningful to them in their everyday lives.  These encounters have allowed Jimmy to develop his knowledge and grow his understanding of issues related to cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and questions of living together.

He also worked WE as a leadership facilitator, the Canadian Parliament as a political advisor, as well as the Canadian Commission for UNESCO as a program officer for education and youth. 

Jimmy works as a consultant, speaker and trainer for schools and colleges on intercultural issues and global citizenship education. 

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Jimmy Ung

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